Our Safety Program

Morley-Moss Inc. is committed to exercising workplace safety at every level of our organization.

We demonstrate this commitment through our revised and refined corporate safety policy, our full-time safety personnel, and our thorough safety review and report processes.

Our Safety Director leverages extensive safety, hazard mitigation, and worker protection experience. He specializes in communication and trend assessment, used to predict hazards, and creates a safety culture centered on proactivity and prevention.

Features of our safety program include:

  • Incident review system focused on trend recognition
  • Review and report processes aimed at behavior correction and lessons learned
  • Robust and continuously evolving safety policies
  • Thorough, systematic reporting policy
  • Periodic, documented jobsite observation reports
  • Extensive orientation trainings
  • Task-specific personal protection equipment and training
  • Group safety discussions and meetings
  • Scheduled project safety reviews

Award Winning Safety Achievement

Gold_24_225.pngAs a testament to the quality of our program, we have been recognized with a Gold Safety Award from Highwire, which are presented to companies who register a score of at least 85 percent on Highwire’s rigorous Safety Assessment Program. The program provides a thorough, objective, and consistent evaluation of safety performance.

Highwire not only accounts for traditional lagging safety indicators like DART and EMR scores, but also makes a robust assessment of a company’s implementation and maintenance of critical safety management systems and protocols. We are proud of this recognition, which demonstrates our team's diligent commitment to safety.

To learn more about our commitment to workplace safety, contact us today.